Golden Eagle bird

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Golden Eagle bird is most widely distributed from all the species of Eagle. The scientific name of this bird is Aquila chrysaetos. Here is discussed about Golden Eagle bird with 5 beautiful pictures.

Golden Eagle bird

Golden Eagle bird

The eagle is among the birds of prey, the California Condor as well as the eagle. This bird lives in mountain areas, and in the Northern Hemisphere flying across prairies, tundra areas. Golden Eagles do not gather in large numbers, they will fly for winter and birds that are solitary.

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Golden Eagle bird lifestyle

The Golden Eagle bird has a bill and a sheen on its mind, respectively. Tail and its wings are wide and long, which may be seen when it’s currently flying high in the air. The Golden Eagle may be confused for a Buzzard when it is full of sky, but when the mind and the wings come into focus, it’ll be evident that it is an eagle Prey for your Golden Eagle is composed of creatures.

Whilst it may attack prey such as livestock and cranes, it tends to eat animals like prairie dogs and rabbits, hares, squirrels. A Golden Eagle needs a big territory of around 3, 000 acres to fly over and hunt. When it finds prey, it will soar from the sky at speeds of 150km\/h striking the prey with its sharp talons.

While high in your air is not a problem for your Golden Eagle bird, spotting its prey, it eyesight which allows it to see animals like lizards or mice. The Golden Eagle catches most of its victim on your ground, however, it sometimes catches birds while they’re in flight.

The eagle can’t attack a big animal, when it finds a big animal like a deer, it’ll only eat it as carrion. The Golden Eagle population decreased throughout the 19th century because farmers shot them. In the 1960 s, the Golden Eagle, along with some other birds, were impacted by dangerous chemicals.

Numerous creatures in the Golden Eagle’s habitat ate a substance chemical called DDT, that had been sprayed on plants, and also since your Golden Eagle was on the top of your food chain, it greatly affected them.

Today, Golden Eagle bird remains protected by your US Fish and also Wildlife Service, and also possession of any body part or a feather could lead to a fine of up to 10 years in prison. Golden Eagles live during the Northern Hemisphere. When identifying a gold eagle, look for an all across brown color and a hooked bill in order that you don’t confuse it with a Buzzard when they are flying.

Golden Eagle birds are also one of the few birds which have legs feathered all your way to their toes. It’s also among your largest birds of prey, and also with binoculars, you may spot them flying in prairies, and also tundra areas.

Basic information of Golden Eagle Bird

  • Their Wingspan is about 1.8 – 2.3 meter
  • They are 66 – 100 cm in length.
  • Class: Aves
  • Family: Accipitridae
  • Scientific name: Aquila chrysaetos
  • Mass of female birds is 3 – 7 kg and male is 3.6 kg on average.

Golden Eagle bird more pictures

Pictures of this Golden Eagle bird were taken by my college life close friend Ador. He said that this bird was very weak and was sitting near his home. He provided some food for this Golden Eagle bird and take care of some time. It stayed one day there before getting better.

On May 5, he said that,


In this corona days this quarantine time suddenly an eagle flew away in our home in Dhaka..😱.. I was really surprised to see that eagle in my own eyes…looks so big… I was little a bit afraid also to study about this on the Internet instead…that eagle came to our home at about 1:30 pm at 04.05.2020😊…it looks ill so that it was unable to fly….then I gave this eagle 🐠 fish, water, after sometime later papaya…..then that eagle have eaten that😊….whole night stay at our home from yesterday….

today when I wake up in the very early morning I have seen the Eagle looks good and fresh😁😍😍😍then when it is 12:35 pm…that eagle fly in their destination in the sky… gives me much pleasure…… really it’s a very memorable incident in my life…I am feeling really happy


Aquila chrysaetos


Dark brown colored Eagle


Golden Eagle bird picture


Golden Eagle

Because of increasing the town area, the natural area for these birds is loosing. If any strict decisions are not taken early they will be destroyed. So, from now stop destroying trees, hill areas, forests, rivers, sea areas. Afterall birds are also a part of the world.

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